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A complete professional forest service
resource since 1960    Tumwater, WA.


Welcome to Professional Forestry Services

Professional Forestry Services, Inc. is a forest management company dedicated to non-industrial private forest resource owners. Founded in 1960 by Jack E. Winn, Professional Forestry Services Inc., currently manages approximately 16,000 acres in 79 parcels for our various clients, in Western Washington State. Our client list includes private family ownerships, bank trusts, municipalities, foundations, estates and corporations. We have established a reputation over many years with public agencies, banks, attorneys, accountants and numerous entities with in the timber industry.

Our philosophy is to manage, conserve and maintain forest resources to provide periodic dividends and a prospective pension for each generation. We develop a program that is personally planned in accordance with client objectives, and their timber inventory.

The Management plan addresses the environment, aesthetics, wildlife, public relations, economics and timber growth. Our staff of three graduate foresters, two forestry technicians and office support staff are available to show prospective clients on-site comparisons of forests under our management with unmanaged forests.
Through maintenance and management of many kinds of private and municipal ownerships, Professional Forestry Services, Inc., has demonstrated complete personal and professional services that include:

· Forest resource inventory analysis and appraisal for potential forest management plan
· Investment advantages through utilization, timely marketing, and professional management that can provide investment returns comparable to other investments
· Planning layout and implementation of harvests including Governmental permitting, marking of timber, logging compliance, marketing of logs, security check of log removal, and accounting of funds.
· Planning and supervision of road construction, post harvest cleanup, reforestation, and plantation maintenance
· Periodic economic returns, and potential pension planning for present and future generations.
· Periodic inspection of property for unauthorized cutting of trees, vandalism, and storm damage.
· Meetings with clients, local planning departments, on-site inspections, and public relations.
· Development and revision of forest management plan to comply with changing rules and regulations by cities, counties, state and federal agencies.

Since 1960 Professional Forestry Services, Inc., has been retained by various private law firms, individuals, industries and municipalities for:

· Appraisals of forest resources.
· Special studies, investment analysis, and consulting.
· Bank trusts, foundations, charities and estates.
· Expert witness for litigation.
· Storm and fire damage evaluation.
· Logging contract compliance
· Landscape planning.
· Hazardous tree management
· Forest resource exchanges

An on-site inspection of forest resources under our management is available upon request at no cost.