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Professional Forestry Services - Request Form

Request for Services

If you would like more information on how Professional Forestry Services can help you manage your forest resource please complete the following form.

How large is your forested property?   Less than 5 acres  5-40 acres   More than 40 acres

The trees on my property consist mostly of:
Conifers (needled trees such as fir or cedar)
Hardwood (leafed trees such as alder or maple)
Mixed (both conifers and hardwoods)

What type of consulting services are you interested in:
Timber Inventory and valuation
Harvesting and log marketing plan
Land and timber sale

What is the approximate size of the trees on your property:
Mature timber (large trees with commercial value)
Sapling sized (smaller trees; pre-merchantable)
Reproduction (recent plantings up to 15' tall)

Please add a brief description of where the forested property is located
(Legal Description: Section, Township, Range, County etc.)

Personal Information

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Phone: Email: